About Not Unprofessional

A few months ago I was walking around an actuarial conference trying to drum up an audience for the Not Unreasonable Podcast and came across a guy who said (I’ll paraphrase): I don’t see why anyone would ever listen to your podcast unless they could count it against their continuing education requirements.

Well, welcome to the Not Unprofessional Project! This is a feed of original content, distinct from the Not Unreasonable podcast and all designed to get actuaries professionalism CE credits. Obviously, everyone needs to be their own judge over what qualifies for credit. But I go the extra mile here and explicitly reference the precepts in every episode to leave as little doubt as possible!

I’m still working on filling out the content and will publish at least two more audio ‘essays’ before the end of September. In the mean time I’ll be discounting the subscription price. I think you can satisfy your CE requirements with the content I already have available but I won’t consider the site fully operational until I have put together at least three dedicated episodes.

Use the discount code EARLYADOPTER during this initial deployment period. Thanks for listening and supporting this initiative and the Not Unreasonable Podcast.

Make sure you log in in the upper right corner or click here. Then go here and start earning those credits!